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Remembering Dr Alexander Ivashkin

2nd Feb 2014

Remembering Dr Alexander Ivashkin

It was with huge sadness that I heard about the loss of the great cellist and writer Dr Alexander Ivashkin yesterday. He was so very kind, supportive and encouraging to me as he was to all the many musicians he taught and composers he inspired. I am thinking of all Dr Ivashkin's students and most particularly of my teacher, his beloved wife, Natalia Pavlutskaya with whom he formed the most formidable team. Theirs was a world where music and great cello playing was the very substance of life and to just be a small part of that world made you a better musician. I will always be so very grateful for that and remember his passion, kindness, humour as well as his extraordinary cello playing. I will forever treasure the memory of the day fellow students Miranda Wilson , Rachel Johnston and I accompanied him as he performed for his own teacher Mstislav Rostropovich at Goldsmiths College. That day I realised that a deep and lasting musical legacy had been passed down the generations and today I and so many cellists across the globe are the beneficiaries of that. Something to always be cherished through the years. Thank you Sasha x

Laura Moody