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Debut Album Acrobats Released Today!

10th Nov 2014

Debut Album Acrobats Released Today!

It's a big day! After several years of work my debut album 'Acrobats' is finally released today as download, CD and limited edition 12" Vinyl on my own Surbiton Lagoon label. The album features six original songs by me and my re-imagining of Nick Drake’s iconic 'Cello Song'. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everybody who made this album possible by contributing to my crowd funding in the spring and to everyone who helped in so many different ways to make this a reality over the past three years. Your generosity, encouragement and patience has meant the world to me. One of the major challenges with this album has been how to capture the drama and physicality of these songs as purely a listening experience, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with brilliant producers Dominic Murcott and Edward Jessen to bring these tracks to life. Dominic has done a beautifully detailed job of capturing the nuances of sound from my cello and voice while Ed has made exquisite, subtle sound designs, a process he described as "drawing around the songs in fine pencil." The album was specially re-mastered for vinyl (which sounds incredible by the way - I'm a total vinyl convert) and the CD also features a beautiful artwork and lyrics book with images by photographer Gerald Jenkins. The best place to buy Acrobats is from my shop on this site but it is also available on iTunes, Amazon and selected music stores. While the purchasing of this album helps my hopes of making another one in the future enormously, I'm also very happy for you to test drive the tracks on Spotify. Most of all I'm delighted for this music to be heard at last! 

Laura Moody