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Acrobats Album Previews at Wilton’s Music Hall

28th Jun 2014

Acrobats Album Previews at Wilton’s Music Hall

Thank you, a million times thank you to everyone who came to Wilton's Music Hall last night. It was, quite simply, the gig I have wanted to do all of my life. Thank you for making it happen and sharing it with me.

Credit where credit is way overdue. Here are the people who really pulled it off. Thank you to...

Frances Mayhew for asking me to play my dream venue, Filippo and Oona at Wilton's whose stirling publicity efforts saw them putting on a sold out gig for a pretty unknown artist, Dead Rat Orchestra for their storming opening set, Emily Williams for all the help with the crowdfunding campaign and early planning, Christie Dubois for pulling everything (and me) together in the last month, Michele Panegrossi for the most beautiful and detailed sound, Jody for the fantastic lighting, Annette Field for the awesome hair and make up, Sam Hall and Caroline Canty for all their help, Michelle Robek and Tristan Shepherd for capturing it on camera, Jon at front of house for getting everyone in and Jonnie for going through the whole damn thing with me. 

Laura Moody