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Captain Intention

21st Mar 2013

Captain Intention

When I was growing up my family invented a superhero called "Captain Intention". This was in the days before Surbiton had become the world-renown entertainment mecca it is today so we had to make our own fun (this also included dressing up small King Charles Spaniels - see picture). Captain Intention is a superhero we can all relate to - "Do not fear! For here comes Captain Intention! He's going to save the world! But he’s just going to read the paper and have a little sit down first...” Captain Intention represents not only the big plans carelessly abandoned but also the little ones. Telling someone you’re going to make them a cup of tea but only getting as far as boiling the kettle is classic Captain Intention. So I’d like to inform you with great fanfare that in the spirit of Captain Intention I am going to be blogging regularly on this site. Oh yes! Without fail! Once... in a while. I will not make any more promises because we all know where that gets you. One minute you’re are confidently saying your album is coming out next year and before you know it it's 2013 and kind people loyal to the Moody cello-bothering cause are, quite reasonably, asking questions.

So where is the mythical album? I can report that the mythical album is not so illusive as once it was and in fact has all it’s cello and vocal tracks fully intact. It has now been in production for the last year or so. Why so long? Well, my friends, time is the price you pay for working with extraordinarily brilliant, meticulous and talented collaborators who, for next to nowt, are inexplicably willing to give whole hours, days, months of their mortal life to your music. And yet these supreme beings not only still have to eat but also are much in demand. My partner in crime on this project is composer and sound artist Ed Jessen who has two massive commissions for the London Sinfonietta and Spitalfields Festival this summer (which will be great - we must all go!) So Ed and I have very temporarily pressed pause while he completes work on these projects. But be assured we are getting right back on it very soon and hope to be ready to release by the autumn. Trust this to be true. Captain Intention says so.

Laura Moody