Laura Moody is a cellist, vocalist and theatre performer from London. Fascinated not only with words and songwriting but also with sounds, noises and textures she eschews laptops and loop pedals to explore what is possible using only solo cello and voice to create unique, acoustic, avant-pop music. She looks to combine the two instruments in interesting and often physical, even theatrical ways composing what she believes to be essentially pop songs, although nobody else ever seems to agree with this definition. Her songs are influenced by the many genres of music she has been involved with in her professional career including beatboxing, electronica, contemporary and classical music and various kinds of pop music.

Having achieved much international acclaim as a long-standing member of innovative string quartet the Elysian Quartet, which is known for it’s pioneering performances and recordings of contemporary classical, experimental and improvised music, she has also toured world-wide as a member of physical theatre string ensemble The Gogmagogs and performs in a contemporary dance company based at London’s Laban Centre.

All these elements are brought together in Laura’s solo work, as The Arts Desk noted of a recent performance, "it seemed almost as if she had taken every musical influence that had come her way and put them in a blender...certainly extraordinary and sometimes disturbing. But what surprised me most ...was just how often it became mesmerising." Laura released an EP of her music on her own label in 2009 and is currently working on her debut album to be released later this year. In her spare time she enjoys cooking and writing in the third person.

"... for enjoyable astonishment, nothing quite beats the singer-cellist Laura Moody. She plays lyrically; then as if it was a box for sound effects. She sings her own almost-pop songs, gurgles, hoots, wails, taps her throat with the bow. Yet it's all seamless, as if she, the cello and the music are a single organism." The Irish Times